About Us


Hi! Thanks for stopping by and reading this. πŸ™‚ So, if you haven’t already guessed, I’m Sabriel. And I write all the posts on this site. I’m aspiring to be a director and an author, and I started this blog because I wanted to practice writing and share my thoughts on books and movies.

I also somehow managed to rope my younger sister into being my blog post editor. (Thanks Rebecca! Love you!)

Some quick facts about me:

  • I’m all over the place. I can go from 1 to 100 in one second.
  • I try reading to my dog to calm her energetic self down, but we usually end up making faces at each other. We aren’t very productive. *glares at dog*
  • I love love love love reading and writing!
  • I’m a perfectionist. It sucks. Don’t recommend it.
  • I still watch cartoons shows. Rolling your eyes? FIGHT ME. I will PROVE to you people that some cartoons are better than the regular TV shows. Because some regular TV shows are trash. (Ohhh, can’t argue with that, can you?)
  • The #1 thing that I want in my life is for my ships to SAAAIL.


So I had no idea that blog post editor was an official position but…here I am. And I’m not getting paid so I’m thinking of going on a strike.

Anywaaaay, I’m the younger sister, but only by a year! I love traveling (which is ironic because I have motion sickness), and I love discovering new things. On a regular day, I haunt my kitchen and bake tons of stuff. (My sister helps me eat them.) Also, I can’t function without coffee.

I tend to lean more towards realistic fiction and books with magic. Books that combine the two are automatically on my to-read list. And I DO NOT put up with pointless character drama.

Because what, exactly, does it achieve? And if I wanted to read books like that, well, there’s a certain website I would go to… (Hint: starts with a W and ends with a D.)

(As you can see, I’m very concise. Unlike a certain someone. *cough cough* Sabriel.)